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What To Do When Someone Actively Tries To Get You Fired

Arbitrated Jobs June 7 , 2022

Your primary reason for taking a job is to earn money to pay your bills. In a perfect world, you'd be able to do that without worrying about having other people attempt to get you fired. Unfortunately, someone inside or outside of your job might not want to see you survive. A situation like that is easier to deal with if the culprit works with you, but these are some ways to cope in general:

Document Every Incident

Keep documentation of everything you notice while the other person tries to get you fired. Write down the dates and times of every incident in which you get reprimanded for something you didn't do, accused of having intentions you don't have, or sabotaged when you try to do your job. Also, document every provocative word the other person says to you. It may be important later, even if you think it's insignificant now.

Chat With Management

You can speak to your manager or supervisor about your suspicions to make them aware of the situation. You might find out that your manager knows exactly what you're referring to when you mention that you think someone is trying to get him to fire you. Even if your boss is clueless, your heads-up may persuade him to keep an eye out. He might also be less likely to judge you falsely or act against you based on a third party's contributions. An objective manager will look at your work ethic and how you handle yourself on the job and focus on those aspects instead of letting another party influence him.

Keep the Number to an Attorney or Organization

You should keep the number of a law office or protective organization on your phone so that you can speed-dial them when you need help. You might need to seek the aid of law enforcement if you notice someone treading into the stalking territory by trying to get you fired everywhere you go.

People who do evil things usually mess up eventually. Try to keep your head up through this unfortunate situation and take steps to protect your current job.