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How to Get Hired the Day of Your Interview

Arbitrated Jobs March 18 , 2021

Almost everyone who takes a job interview wants to receive a same-day offer. The truth is that there are probably hundreds of other job applicants fighting for the same position you're trying to get. That means you'll need to do something spectacular, or at least unique, to receive a same-day offer. These are some ideas:

Bring Accolades and Reports With You

One way that you can wow your interviewer is by bringing some amazing information to the job interview. For example, it would be helpful for you to bring past sales awards if you're applying for a sales job. An employee of the month accolade is great if you're trying to get hired as a customer service agent. You may also want to bring sales reports with you that show how you increased the numbers for a former employer. That additional information might just be enough to convince the prospective employer to hire you.

Discuss Your Open Availability

The next thing you might want to do is to reiterate that you have open availability. Employers often have a difficult time finding workers who can work for them every day of the week. They have problems finding weekend workers and holiday workers sometimes. Therefore, now would be an excellent time to let the prospective employer know that you're willing to sacrifice your time whenever they need you.

Ask About the Hiring Decision Timeframe

You can ask about the hiring decision timeframe if you have not yet received a job offer. For example, you can say to the prospective employer, "How long will it before I receive a hiring decision? It'd like to start as soon as possible." That's not as pushy as "When can I start?", and it might just jar the interviewer enough to hire you the same day.

Think about using the above-mentioned tactics the next time you're sitting in the office talking to someone who could potentially be your next boss. You might find these such tactics work well for you.