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Convince an Employer to Hire You Part-Time Instead of Full-Time

Arbitrated Jobs October 15 , 2021

There used to be a time when it was difficult to find a full-time job. Now it seems that most employers want workers in their establishments full-time. This desire may be due to the loss of staff because of recent health crises. You may have personal reasons for only wanting to work a part-time shift. Here's what you can do to convince a prospective employer to take you as a part-time employee even if the request is for full-time.

Demonstrate Your Assets

You may be able to convince the employer to hire you as a part-time worker by demonstrating your skills and beneficial attributes. You can also explain to the employer how part-time work can benefit them directly. For example, they may not have to offer you benefits. The prospective employer might be intrigued by your ability to present your argument well.

Commit to a Certain Schedule

It may also be helpful for you to commit to a certain schedule and time slot. That way, the employer may consider using you part-time if they feel they can count on you at those times. They might be able to hire another reliable worker to fill the other time slots.

Give them a Time Frame for Advancement

You could mention that you'd be willing to convert to full-time after a set upon period. For example, maybe you could move to a full-time position after 90 days. That 90 days will give you a chance to settle into the position, and it will allow the employer to evaluate your work ethic and reliability. It might work out well for both of you to keep you part-time for a while.

Try these tactics to see if the prospective employer might be willing to work with you. They may find you valuable enough to bring you on board if you use the above-mentioned methods to convince them.